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Heather Covington or H.C., with respect to the author, has afforded every woman the chance to categorize every man along with her. Giving you a sneak peek into her observant mind, this book of rhyme and reason sums up the many diversities of men that many women may not be so privy. H.C. shows the reader that many women can be wrong about how to truly understand a man’s ways. For what woman understands man? Heather (H.C.) has done a service by analyzing the soul of many men, through careful observation and ripping the very essence of their very soul and exposing it under a microscope. This book of poetry, is not for men or women who have squeamish hearts, but for those men and women who can appreciate the truth, in all of its many different conundrums; I’m talking about the characters she has defined as some of the fathers, brothers and romantic interest some women have in their life today. The romance man, the player man, the sensitive man, the dog man, the nasty man, etc… Not only does she give you the insight of men’s personalities through her poetic eye, but she administers encouragement to women who might need an uplifting and purifying word that also brings witness to the soul of women and men alike. Heather brings caution to those men who want to continue to play games with the heart of her dear sisters. H.C.’s book is ravishing, intellectual, electrifying, raw, and current to the world we live in. It brings you into the mind of a modern day, Langston Hughes, mixed with the realism of Zora Neal Hurston. When you buy this book, trust me you won’t put it down!

Harold Antoine Anderson
CBS Studio Operator

“The sensuality is there, but yet, a revenge ful motif.”
Tony Medina, Author of Love to Langston, Deshawn Days, + editor of Bum Rush The Page.

“Read and look. Find yourself here. Do something about the male condition with this wonderful and honest book.”
Dale Benjamin Drakeford, Author of “Just Poem a capella”

“One of the nation’s top promoters, Covington salutes over 100 Black female writers who have impacted history. This highly acclaimed book features past and present authors, such as Gwendolyn Brooks, Angela Davis, and Candice Dow… Heather is a literary genius at work! Literary Divas is an excellent reference for literary lovers…That’s why we spotlighted her for Woman’s History Month…. Black History Month ….Covington even salutes Susan Taylor, Carol Mackey, and Editorial Divas as well…..people you would not know are authors like Jada Pinkett Smith…Tyra Banks…. Oprah Winfrey….. that is very diva-ish of Heather….”

Rhonda Chowder
Editorial Journalist of Call & Post

Tekila Nika is about 12 scorned book club members, a dangerous womanizer and murder on New Year’s Eve 2008 that explodes published by Disilgold- ISBN- 978-1-932005-18-4-$17.50, 264 pages. Baker & Taylor, Ingram- Arrives Dec. 2005

-“Urban Fiction Book Pick in Publisher’s Weekly”

“To know your history and your future is to stand on the backs of those who paved the way before you! Literary Divas is a LANDMARK of this era! Heather Covington is bringing out the LITERARY DIVAS WITH STYLE!-Kim Perkins- CEO of Legends Urban Wear; Sponsor of the PerSOULnalities Brand”Reading holds the keys to expanding one’s mind and the writer is the person who makes those keys. Open the door to your mind with Literary Divas. Once you step in, you’ll learn what it takes to be a Literary Diva.

A VERY IMPORTANT WORK HAS ARRIVED!- McCreary & Fuller Media Corporation- Double Emmy Award Journalist & Vice President of Quest Media, Inc. , Bill McCreary & Media PR Guru Kim Fuller- Channel A wonderful and poignant tribute to the literary work of an impressive selection of extremely talented, achieved and successful sistahs.

Literary Divas is an important acknowledgment which not only highlights and details our collective body of work, but most importantly will inspire the up-and-coming Literary Divas and Dons to realize their potential as writers. Terrie M. Williams- author, Black Pain: It Just Looks Like I’m Not Hurting: Depression, Hope and Healing in Black American Life (Scribner, 2007)

At the Book Expo America 2006 in Washington D.C., close to 1000 authors and 1300 publishers showcased recent releases of upcoming titles…most just in time for summer reading pleasure….the editor’s of BIBR uncovered something for everyone….Noted is Literary Divas as the only reference book pick…..

Hello, Heather. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the BEA and your spirit is so much well and alive!! What a beautiful person both inside and out. I couldn’t resist sending you a picture of these two “FINE DIVAS” and I look forward to hanging again soon. Keep in touch and continued success to you and your writers!!

Brenda M. Hampton,
Essence Magazine Best Selling Author

Novels include:
Too Naughty
Naughty by Nature (Reprint)
SLICK (Reprint)
Two’s Enough Three’s A Crowd, Part I
My Way Or No Way, Part II
Change Don’t Always Come, Part III
How Can I Be Down?
No Justice No Peace

BIBR: Black Issues Book Review- On newsstands-

Literary Divas is selected as a BOOKSHELF PICK in August 2006 Edition of Ebony Magazine featuring article, Mariah Carey’s Big Comeback, After Award -Winning Year, Superstar Diva Takes Show on the Road!

Ebony Magazine

Queen Literary Diva, Heather,

Thanks so much for your warmth and support. You’re a force, girl. You did a beautiful job as MC of the reception and awards ceremony. I really appreciate all you do to celebrate black authors and literature.

Congratulations on your award. It’s so deserved.

I enjoyed meeting your mom. She’s a blessing just like you. Now that BEA is over, hope you get some down time. You worked it as only a literary diva can ;).

Have a wonderful week. Thanks again for everything. You make everyone feel like a star. That’s an amazing gift and says volumes about the kind of incredible woman you are.

Kelly Starling Lyons
A DisilgoldSOUL Favorite
Children’s Book Author

I want to thank you for the book signing opportunity. I was very impressed!

Tichaona Chinyelu
A Disilgold Soul Reigning poet


Respectfully yours,
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge… Proverbs 1:7

“Keep me posted about this wonderful project!”
Tony Award Winner and co-founder of Def Poetry Jam
Bruce George
Editor of Bum Rush the Page

Heather, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl you are one awesome sister. I’m proud to know you. I loved your site. Where can I get all that music playing all the time. Wow! Ok. I loved your bio most of all. I have seen with my eyes what a dedicated sister can do. I’m so impressed.

Marti Tucker

Author of Bestselling book,The Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires

Dear Precious Heather the website is wonderful, as usual you have outdone yourself. You are very talented and your growth in the industry is outstanding. Authors are blessed to have your support.

May God continue to work through you.

Bravo from Your Fans
C&B Books

See You at the Book Expo – Can’t wait to sign your guest book.

Hello Heather,

Your new site is very nice. You are a beautiful person on the outside as well as on the inside. Take care of yourself and God bless!…..Bertha

Marguerite Press –
Bringing To The Forefront Those Issues Of Concern In THE Literary World Since 1996!

Divine Appointment: A Caregiver’s Guide by Delores Thornton
Did you read, “Divine Appointment: A Caregiver’s Guide”? This is my personal story. It contains short-short stories and anecdotes, as well as legal, medical, and psychological information. I spent countless hours interviewing caregivers and although I don’t know all that there is to know about this subject, what I do know I freely share. I was thrust into a caregiver’s world in which I knew nothing and I had to learn quickly. I prayed to God for answers, and his replies are contained in this guide.

Hey there Heather, good to “see” you. You’ve been missed. I’ll stop through your site and MySpace within the next week to see what’s new with you.

Tee C.

World’s Largest African American Book Club Founder of Rawsistaz Literary Group

Well Heather, I just hung out at the new site and really enjoyed your biography presentation. It was absolutely wonderful! You have really done well for your self. I pray things continue to work for you. You say you love your life I can understand why. Keep smiling!

Linda D Wattley
The Truth Will Set You Free

“Heather’s writing style is Witty & Intelligent… never judgemental…Her poetry is “Impressive Work!”

Writer’s Digest Awards

“Heather, I ordered PerSOULnalities!”

Gilbert Steedley, A NYSE President

“Heather Covington is a GIANT BRIGHT STAR to watch!”
BXTIMES-(Largest Bronx paper)

“Heather Covington is like a candle that champions a concerted flame that burns your psyche and warms your mind to new thinking.”

Dale Benjamin Drakeford
“Multi-Award winning author;Leader of Bronx Poetry Workshop

“PerSOULnalities speaks with a voice that we as a people pretended does not exist…and speaks with ….a powerful voice, a voice that will enlarge the scope of poetry.”

Cliff Chandler- Author of Devasted, The Paragons, Vengeance is Mine, Host- of WGMN TV 64- UPN

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I am impressed when young African Americans know anything about Langston Hughes. There are so many of us who know nothing about our geniuses. Heather Covington takes it a step further, she was so impressed by Langston that she wrote a poem dedicated to him. In the poem she writes: “You are the greatest Mr. Hughes. You cut my soul and it is because of you that ink bleeds words onto paper. I hope this injury lasts forever.” Brava, Heather! You have confirmed my motto: When we begin as writers, as intellectuals will begin. When we share the Glass Wall we crumble. Heather’s book of poetry, PerSOULnalities, speaks with a voice that we as a people have pretended does not exist. How dare we criticize ourselves? Heather is young: speaks with a young and powerful voice, a voice that will enlarge the scope of poetry. Bestselling Author Cliff Chandler WGMN TV 64 UPN

PERSOULNALITIES: POEMS FOR EVERY KIND OF WOMAN is a light-hearted volume of poetry that creatively depicts every human mood and persona imaginable. The poems are written from a female perspective thus the PERSOULNALITIES are attributed to women, but often the characteristics described are not exclusively owned by women. Filled with positive messages that are meant to empower, Heather Covington looks at each facet of womanhood and radiates the positive while offering cautioning advice on the negative attributes. It is easy to find oneself in at least one of the poems which are simply written with a clever and easy to follow flow. PERSOULNALITIES is a tribute to the tenacity and strength of women. Ms. Covington presents her thoughts in a clear, direct, yet lyrical manner which makes them appealing to readers who would not typically read poetry and provides a change of pace for seasoned poetry fans. Reviewed by Diane Marbury (HonestD) of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

This is a book that you will read over and again. Heather Covington identifies every kind of woman and puts her in check. Is this woman you? Better not be or Heather has it in for you. I-MAG Heather Covington’s debut Persoulnalities is a hit. Her poems had me in stitches as she uncovers the truths about ourselves and others. It is a witty, poetical, true, no bull, commentary that says all the not so great things about the people around us. You know who I’m talking about; the “Tramp,” the “Show off,” how about those people who never have anything good to say, “Negativity Shoes,” or our friends who think they were born to rule, “Dictators.” Did you meet the “Eye Roving Bandit?” Persoulnalities identifies the common attributes we hate about our so called friends. It is a must read. Award Winning Author Cynthia Highsmith Hooks (The Soul of A Sister: From a Whisper to a Shout) Heather Covington’s debut Persoulnalities is a hit. Her poems had me in stitches as she uncovers the truths about ourselves and others. It is a witty, poetical, true, no bull, commentary that says all the not so great things about the people around us. You know who I’m talking about; the “Tramp,” the “Show off,” how about those people who never have anything good to say, “Negativity Shoes,” or our friends who think they were born to rule, “Dictators.” Did you meet the “Eye Roving Bandit?” Persoulnalities identifies the common attributes we hate about our so called friends. It is a must read. UNDENIABLY REAL! Bestselling Author Hope C. Clarke

Literary Divas will inspire a whole new generation of writers to continue passing on the legacy of literary legends from the mid 20th century and way into the millennium.

If you are a writer, YOU WILL BE INSPIRED!-Rosette M. Union-
Producer”Heather Covington has done an amazing job in her deeply rooted commitment to the literary world and African-Americans alike. Literary Divas is a MUST HAVE for your future brothers, sisters and present generation.James Lisbon- Publisher and Founder of AMAG, Inc.”

I am always inspired by books about African- Americans in history and sisterhood like Literary Divas. Terry McMillan has been one of my INSPIRATIONS FROM THE START!” Janine A. Morris- Author of the Diva Diaries; Hot 97 Music

“To undestand true beauty is to acknowledge the ESSENCE OF INNER BEAUTY that shines through in all Literary Divas.”Anissa Rochester-Producer of Beauty Within-

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