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PRESS RELEASE: PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man Poetry Reaches 5 Million Radio Listeners

Are you ready to face these Male PerSOULnalities of the “Bad Boy” kind? Warning! It’s the most controversial poetry book on the market.

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For Immediate Release: PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man, the personal handbook for “Bad Boys” by Heather Covington is back! The book receives a major shout out and interview on the Marc Medley Radio Show on the morning New Jersey commute and 98.7 Kiss FM

“PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man is “The 1st Self-Help Poetry & Essay Guide” that helps “America’s Most Wanted Men” begin to own up to their negative personality traits with “Poetical Therapy” from H.C. (Heather Covington’s alter ego) with a twist of her Disilgold Publishing line of MURDEROTICA poetry, humor and even music icon tributes to song titles from artists past and present that expose dangerous lessons on love.

Dubbed as, “A best friend to every woman’s soul and worst nightmare to any man harboring just one of these now exposed personalities, PerSOULnalities is sure to do more than raise eyebrows!”

Today’s Man is in a crisis mode. He’s fine, suave, debonair, a fashion don, owns a fat bank account, own crib and every woman’s dream, but he’s hiding the simple fact that he’s a womanizer, cheat and liar living in a HIP HOP world with a lack of respect for today’s woman.

Once sought by Paramount Studio producers for show ideas on the Dr. Phil Show, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man by Heather Covington, the dubbed bible of all “BAD BOY” personalities, candidly exposes how and why men cheat through candid and shocking tell all essays as exposed by H.C., Heather Covington’s alter-ego.

H.C. fictitiously steps into the shoes of over 60+ of the most menacing “BAD BOY” male PERSOULNALITIES™ through personified male poetical traits for a myopic view into the life of these men so that men can OWN UP to their PERSOULNALITIES™ .

Be forewarned, H.C. lures, tempts and charms these PERSOULNALITIES™ of the BAD BOY kind into a poetical and revengeful trap just for the ladies who have been victimized by these men along with an onslaught of poetical whiplash birthing the first MURDEROTICA™ self-help genre of poetry without apology.

Like self-therapy for today’s “BAD BOY,” PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man by Heather Covington is an anthem for today’s woman and worse nightmare for today’s womanizer whose reign has just been exposed.

PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man will also, lure women to want to read this TELL-ALL POETRY BOOK of the most menacing male personalities of the “Bad Boy” kind. You’ll get to meet “The Hand dancer Man,” “Lip Man,” Throat Man,” “Leg Man” and the “Waiting to Do You Man!” There are many more shockers and perhaps humorous, but no laughing matter when ladies begin to ask themselves, “Am I sure I know who I have been keeping company with?” Read the book before he does ladies, and men read the book before she does.

Rated 5 Stars by Harold Antoine (CBS Studio Operator) and as seen on AFRIKAN SCHOLAR TV on MNN and heard at the African-American Pavilion at Book Expo in Los Angeles,” the book makes a perfect gift for every man if he hasn’t read the book already.

Find out now before it’s too late ladies, and for the men who are “Truly Good Men,” sit back and enjoy the gratification of the last poem dedicated to you and as recited by poet Shenendria Ridley at the African American Pavilion at Book Expo. A new relationship expert is born!”

Purchase a copy of PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man by Heather Covington directly from Disilgold Publishing’s own direct marketing bookstore online at or download an e-book or soft paperback copy for less than online big chain stores at

Want to get a copy from your local bookstore? Just request a copy be personally shipped in 3-5 days and return to purchase from the store. Unlimited copies of the book are available 24/7. Bookstores may purchase wholesale copies at 40% discount from AUTHORHOUSE distribution and fully returnable. The Disilgold Way is available in over 25,000 store databases. Already have a personal copy? Submit your feedback to [email protected]

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