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“The best financial and marketing guide is one that works! If you’ve been wearing red shoes or that same tie for 10 years to defray costs and insanely envious of  your well off friends,  now is the time to become what you dream.  Building wealth  is all about doing what you love and sharing that passion with others.  Even if you  don’t have a business background, Millionaire Marketing will lift you back on your feet and show you how to  gain wealth and make sound investments while avoiding  investment  mistakes and following the Jones’s.  The sequel to the Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 as promised by “Marketing Guress” Heather Covington arrives! An excellent tool for writers and business CEO’s in need of fine tuning their money management system.

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Millionaire Marketing by marketing specialist Heather Covington, author of The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher provides 101 power strategies for entrepreneurs to sell products quickly and with efficiency through proven techniques that don
t require expertise, beginners luck or a lot of money.If you have a product you are passionate about, Heather Covington’s Millionaire Marketing strategies will help even amateur marketing gurus sell thousands of products and be on one’s way to success with longevity.

A top 5 literary media mogul named alongside the producers of GOODDAY at the Small Press Center, Heather Covington has been trained by wealthy real estate and marketing moguls like Barbara Cochoran, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki. Her promotions for literary artists, businesses and celebrities has helped generate over 500 million in sales as a top “Buzz Generator” with viral marketing, and the best kept secret of wealthy artists,authors and businesses. An event planner who has produced, planned, promoted and booked celebrities for large scale to intimate events, Heather’s work as an author and promoter go hand in hand in marketing book sales.It would take thousands of hours for entrepreneurs to learn all of Heather Covington’

s authentic and powerful strategies of marketing success, but now  you can “unleash your marketing genius” and be on your way to financial success.

Just 12 powerful strategy secrets from hundreds Heather Covington exposes are:1.

How to design and promote events that not only attract hundreds to thousands of guests, but inspire others to succeed and bring wealth to everyone who attends.
How to create an effective  newsletter that brings  multiple streams of income promoting what you love to diverse audiences.
How to launch your own national tour without event planning expertise and gain successive wealth.
How to use other products to help you sell products you are passionate about like one’s books.
How to prepare for media appearances, conduct effective interviews and gain the most promotion for your product to massive audiences that is sustaining and increases maximum exposure.
How to create press releases, promotional materials and brochures that boost direct sales along with a website that produces results.
How to independently sell your product via unconventional marketing modes never imagined.
How to headline conferences and workshops and become a local  or national celebrity without the paparazzi effect and enjoy your career.
How to avoid negative loopholes that are self-defeating and non-productive modes of marketing that will only rob one of valuable energy, time and space like adding millions of friends to a social network instead of to your own e-mail campaign and mail order directory.
10.How to design a media campaign for less than  25 cents a day and test market the effectiveness of your campaign for optimal  and progressive success.
11.How to be your own publicist, work with other  promoters and guarantee your own success, plus reinvest your earnings to grow beyond your maximum potential.
12.How to use what you got and run toward success an dnot your fears of failure!Why is Millionaire Marketing by Heather Covington more powerful than many guides on the market by marketing gurus?

Heather Covington’s manual addresses the  millionaire mind of individuals with great ideas and a passion for their work and perhaps a top quality product, but know this isn’t enough to succeed on the mainstream market.Heather’s guide gives marketing gurus in the making the right tools to succeed with specific steps  you’ll love.Everyone is going to succeed, but when you get to the top you’ll be glad you implemented Heather Covington’s Millionaire Marketing steps to success. You won’t hear Heather Covington waste time about the do’s and don’ts of marketing. She’

s giving you the strategies and resources to succeed right now! You will be empowered and enlightened!When passion for what you do is not enough,  own your  copy of MILLIONAIRE MARKETING and set yourself free! It’s The Disilgold Way and now it’s your way. Don’t spend your life adding 1 million friends to your social network, make a million dollars and see who you your friends are when you reach the top later. This is business and all about YOU!

To schedule a powerful interview with Heather Covington for your radio, tv or online program, write to: Heather Covington Publicity, P.O. BOX 652 Baychester Station, Bronx, NY 10469 or call 718.547.0499 or email

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