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WRITING TIPS: How Writers Can Strike Gold and Market Books With Success


by Heather Haliah Covington

Writers always ask me how do you market books?

One thing I will say is never enter a private or public establishment, subway or bus and try to pitch your book without asking permission, having a proper license and TAX ID to sell books and permits if necessary. It is your responsibility to do your homework and find out where it is safe, legal and inviting to pitch your book.

Some authors have the knack of marketing and selling like self-published authors while more famous authors feel a little awkward pitching their book to possible fans in the streets, and in fear of shame and embarrassment.

You always see the headline,’ Oh! Look at so and so who was once a famous author selling books for a living on the street,’ but if your mindset is on humility and not humbleness marketing may prove to be an arduous task for you. Have an open mind and explore the possibilities of selling your books with passion and not just as a business. You’ve got to enjoy this adventure or I am afraid it stops right here.

So now that you are not afraid anymore and willing to give it all you got, please proceed….

Here are some steps to get you on your way to selling more books:

1. Join an affiliate program to earn extra cash in your pocket.

2. Submit queries for freelance article submissions.

3. Obtain a library distributor to get your book sold to libraries.

4. Attend trade shows and get buyers to notice your work.

5. Write a how to book that also promotes your latest books.

6. Sell books on consignment. Make sure a bookstore is has credibleness.
Ask for references or look for a satisfactory track record from other authors.

7. Get an agent to book interviews and media coverage.

8. Join a successful mass organization or forum viewed by thousands of members.

9. Obtain a wholesaler

10. Opt for a Direct Mail campaign

11. Advertise in major magazines

12. Send press releases

13. Generate a catalog

14. Submit your book for awards and contests

15. Swim in low cost advertising via new sites that are on their way to super stardom.

16. Do readings at libraries.

17. Hold a (non-alcoholic) cocktail sip after work:-)

18. Give away books and hope for friendly exposure and recommendations that lead to multiple sales.

19. Include potential buyers in future books.

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