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WRITING TIPS: How to Sell Poetry Books Fast

How  I Marketed My First 3  Chap Books 
by Heather Haliah Covington
Every time I visit a workshop or seminar I always share this story on how I sold  my first 3  chap books for the price of one and  illustrated the covers in black and white. I knew back then that my black and white book covers stood out against the competition. I made the effort to take my books to  the streets from day one to meet my audience and poetry lovers  face-to-face, and sort of like Barack Obama before becoming the 44th President of the United States. You either care about your book fans or you don’t.
In hand, were flyers, newsletters, brochures, bookmarks, pens, trinkets, order catalogs, calendar gifts and autographed photos. For authors who shun this approach to marketing their books, ‘Don’t knock anything until you try it.’
I also, gave away an autographed poem to those who supported me. In my book, The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self Publisher I stressed to other writers that you have to know your worth and honor yourself by valuing  your work. I had a strong conviction that my poems would touch lives.This mode of marketing was effective for me.Poetry is a tough sale, but not when you have a street marketing plan and a good attitude when you meet folks. Add a great personality, and all is possible.

I had no problem making back what it cost to print each book, and in order to help spread the word about my poetry. This was more cost effective at the time when I created PerSOULnalities.™

My books had all the credentials of your self-published book, but were less than 90 pages without spines, and not considered books by many bookstore standards. I found a way to defy the critics of my mode of printing and marketing books and enjoy my craft of writing even more by utilizing it to  help others. FIND YOUR NICHE AND NEVER LET IT GO! 

 Welcome to the Disilgold Way.
After all, do you want to truly profit from your work or beat to someone else’s drum for fame? I am sure you know what you really want. To gain profit ding what you love will bring you joy!

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