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Social Media Disenfranchises Artists With Long Names

  ’10 years later after a successful debut of my poetry books and guides, social media still won’t let me acquire a social media profile with my full name. This social media is a joke and I am here to help you LAUGH IT AWAY

QUOTE: God is Your Friend by Heather Haliah

Are you sure you have best friends? Really, are you 100% Sure your friend never talked negative and deceived you or tried to compete or exhibited jealousy? The answer to this question is an obvious, ‘No!’ and why I truly believe ‘Best friends’ no longer

Literary DIVAS ™ BEAUTY ROOM OVERHAUL by Heather Haliah

Hello Literary Divas, Thanks for visiting, the home of Literary Divas Magazine. To connect personally for tips on writing and self publishing as well, visit my new social media handle @HeatherHaliah.  I know I shifted my largest twitter handle with other twitter sites, but