LITERARY DIVAS 20 Minute Kabob Dish

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Most authors don’t get enough vegetables, fruits and protein in their diet due to hectic deadlines set on oneself to complete projects. Our hands are either busy typing keys on the keyboard or filled with writing tools that are hard to put down in exchange for cooking utensils.

One day, while shopping I was in the household section of BJ’s and noticed a box of kabob sticks made for the oven, and very unlike your common wooden ones which would burn and probably be toxic. Without any brain fog, I immediately knew to buy fresh green and red peppers, squash, cherry tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

Despite my crossover to a vegetarian diet, I knew I was lacking energy on a daily basis and would have to return to eating meat on occasion, so I didn’t hesitate to buy prepared packages of pre-cut chicken and beef. Not only was it refreshing to wash and cut my own veggies when I got home, but put them on my new skewers. I made a savory sauce with lemon, vinegar, mustard seed, olive oil, parsley and cilantro for flavor that I applied with a new paint brush.

Not only was this kabob dish delicious, but preparing kabobs became a go to trend for me. I began experimenting with various veggies, fruits and meats. The flavor of the kabobs taste so much better than a saute blend of all of the ingredients. You know you are eating whole foods and limiting use of unhealthy salt and sugar.

Kabobs cooked inside an  oven on a special kabob grill make for a quick recipe that is flavorful and fulfilling. Once you make kabobs there is no end to your creativity. I would highly recommend you make your own instead of cooking pre-packed kabobs that are loaded with salt. All you need is 20 minutes and you can cut up your whole foods on the weekend to have handy to prepare on a daily basis to your liking.