PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man by Heather Covington

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PerSOULnalities:™ Poems For Every Kind of Man by Heather Covington,  addresses America’s growing problems among relationships  such as infidelity and mental or verbal abuse between couples. It also, shares poetical styled tips and essays on what to do about it, and along with the help of  the author’s alter-ego advice guru,  I AM Literary Diva, the alter ego pen name of H.C.  @IAMLITERARYDIVA !

PerSOULnalities™ is a personally selected reference for show ideas on the Dr. Phil Show.

H.C. fictitiously  reveals the answers to plenty of anonymous ASK  @IAMLITERARYDIVA  letters and personal advice on Love & Relationships now revealed with bonus anti-negative defying poetry that embraces the reader with a self therapeutic poetical  twist of soul satisfying MURDEROTICA (A term coined by Heather Haliah Covington representing her innovative poetical PerSOULnalities™).

Let’s face it, holding in bitterness, anger, anxiety and depression over failed relationships leads to hypertension, feelings of self-angst, self-doubt and worthlessness.

You can’t react to what has been done to you by the hands of an abusive mate, but you can read pro-active poetry that gives readers an outlet to release all negative emotions by ‘FACING NEGATIVITY, MENTALLY KNOCKING IT DOWN AND MOVING ON TO SUCCESS.’

It’s a genre of writing thatHeather Haliah Covington invented with the inception of her PerSOULnalities™poetry, which provide a non-threatening and literally revengeful, but comforting outlet for women reading the book as well; and all while  the fictitious “No good, very bad men”  in her book, of course who are harboring traits like these PerSOULnalities,™ get  a literally life turning slap in the face, poem-by-poem and essay styled letter-  by- letter from H.C.! It’s all in fun and light-heartedness for Heather to create a platform for readers to vent.

According to Heather Haliah Covington, most male PerSOULnalities™won’t change unless addressed and PerSOULnalities™ Poems for Every Kind of Man is the book that poetically reforms the male soul harboring just one of the  PerSOULnalities™in H.C. ‘s book.

Use the book for book club discussions, new relationship ice breakers, conversation ideas with your mate or give the book as a gift to those you love as a warning on what traits you won’t tolerate in relationships or to simply pass on to younger siblings or friends on the verge of dating or marriage. Don’t wait too late.

PerSOULnalities™Poems have reached over 1 million radio listeners throughout the years since inception, and is being called a relationship lifesaver. Some men don’t know they are harboring PerSOULnalities in relationships until they read the book.

Furthermore, Heather Haliah Covington pays homage to over 60+ R& B/ SOUL/ HIP HOP icons from the 1990’s until know who have adversely changed America with their music that not only helped to mend bad relationships among millions of couples, but taught lessons of strength and endurance: thus making PerSOULnalities™ Poetry a triple threat power play book and the 1st poetical relationship guide of its kind to also, pay homage to musical hits of the past.

 With music, poetry and essays intertwined with a powerful and original message, PerSOULnalities™may hold the key to helping today’s upright man commit to a healthy, one-to-one lifelong relationship.

There is nothing like the couple who stays together, but of course, some of our men need personal therapy or rather, poetical shock treatment as Heather Haliah Covington provides.

The question left is , ‘Can today’s man commit to relationships or is a ‘TRULY GOOD MAN’ becoming a rarity? Women will love the book who want to take an inside peek at what is going on in the minds of most of today’s man.

Men will be able to appreciate PerSOULnalities™ Poems For Every Kind of Man for its honesty and as a self-remedy for acquirying more steady relationships.

Heather’s poetry comes from her 100+ song catalog, written, arranged and produced by the lyricist who lent her lyrics to the first blue monotone styled book cover ever designed by Marion Designs, and responsible for setting off a demand for his covers on your  trendiest urban books on the market.

The blue tone on the cover carries the same symbolism as the 1st PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Women, and as a resource for knocking down negativity and avoiding unwanted stress in relationships.

According to recent statistics, most relationships will fail with divorce for young couples by age 35 leaving many women and men single during the prime of their lives and feeling like they can’t find another relationship.

However, when couples have an understanding of communicating and establishing  lifelong goals which can get better each day whether financially, physically or socially, there is always room for improvement.

Heather Covington confesses, that she really has not had any problems with infidelity issues in relationships, but thinks she’s the authority to express how to avoid them in her tell-all poetry book disguising situations of men and women in relationships she with fictitous caricature names like “Dog Man,” “Caressing Man,” “Lying Man,””The Waiting to Do You Man,” “Hand dancer,” ” and the “Forgetful Man.” 

It’s no secret that many readers think these men are the very men Heather knows herself, but she attests, H.C. is her alter-ego pen name that steps into the shoes of her various perSOULnalities thoughts and actions due to being a creative soul.

For men who are guilty of possessing any of the traits as expressed in PerSOULnalities she has a guilty plea-styled poem called the “Run Away Man Sign Off Poem,” and so they can pack their bags now and let their ladies move on with their lives.

It just isn’t safe these days to be in non-committed relationships.

She also, has a Truly Good Man in America writing contest for a feature on the website, and home of newly designed Disilgold SOUL Literary Review arriving 2018.

Finally, Heather includes “The Loving Man PerSOULnalities Reading Guide Survey!” and one of the first surveys ever in a poetry  book that she will finally post online at her website at

When asked which of her PerSOULnalities is her least favorite, Heather reveals her top ten at signings. To book her, email DISILGOLD SOUL MAGAZINE LITERARY BLAST MEDIA at [email protected]


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Heather Covington or H.C., with respect to the author, has afforded every woman the chance to catergorize every man along with her. Giving you a sneak peek into her observant mind, this book of rhyme and reason sums up the many diversities of men that many women may not be so privy. H.C. shows the reader that many women can be wrong about how to truly understand a mans ways. For what woman understands,man?

Heather (H.C.) has done a service, by analyzing the soul of many men, through careful observation and ripping the very essence of their very soul and exsposing it under a microscope.

This book of poetry, is not for men or women who have squeamish hearts, but for those men and women who can appreciate the truth, in all of its many different conundrums; I’m talking about the characters she has defined as some of the fathers, brothers and romantic interest some women have in their life today. The romance man, the player man, the sensitive man, the dog man, the nasty man, etc…

Not only does she give you the insight of men personalities through her poetic eye, but she administers encouragement to women who might need an uplifting, and purifying word, that also brings witness to the soul of women and men alike. Heather brings caution to those men who want to continue to play games with the heart of her dear sisters.

H.C.’s book is ravishing, intellectual, electrifying, raw, and current to the world we live in. It brings you into the mind of a modern day, Langston Hughes, mixed with the realism of Zora Neal Hurston. When you buy this book, trust me you won’t put it down!!!

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