What is Cyclic Marketing?

by Heather Covington
www.LiteraryDiva.comWhen you have a niche market you get to know it well and  can easily decipher how many books you will print for your general base of loyal supporters.  You can count on your cyclic supporters. Many authors have mobile book mobiles and host book parties at gatherings, but if these folks are not part of your cyclic marketing base, then your efforts may exasperate you to the point of no return to your passion of writing.

More than likely, your cyclic base will be there to purchase other books you publish.  These loyal supporters are on your mailing list because you don’t want to waste time reaching people who do not want to support you.

This process of cyclic marketing is how many self-publishers make a living selling books over and over to their same market, and which they can rely on.  This cyclic market will never let you down. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to build your cyclic core of supporters. You must care about your cyclic base of fans like family.

As long as an author’s print run is sold out, this becomes all that matters in addition to reaching one’s audience or supporters.

Your cyclic base will keep food on your table, bills paid and inspire you to keep going and never give up.

You can spread your marketing thin and place books in several dozen stores or as many as you can keep track of, but you won’t get as much return in your investment as selling books on your own and from your own hands.

Remember, bookstores and distributors take a huge chunk.

You have got to have the personality to sell your books out to niche markets, and whatever you do keep doing what works. Don’t reinvent the wheel. You will find the right formula one day.

I have attended these seminars with those who know all the answers and so they can keep all the answers and I’ll keep mine and move on.  This is how you must think. Focus on you and get to the top on purpose and not by accident. Don’t worry about people who aren’t worried about you.