FRIDGE HACK: For my Literary Divas who shop early before your loved ones arrive home, you may not have any help to unload packages, let alone the time to prep food, but this video was so inspiring do indulge and watch it.

My issue with prepping food is that it you have to often throw out most if not consumed in a few days.

Nikki solves this problem by labeling her prep trays and containers with dates. Do you have the time for this? The Vlogger seems to have a knack for predicting when her food isn’t fit for consumption.

I don’t mind removing whole packaged foods from my fridge and prepping for a same day meal. I feel this daily task is built into my composition as a woman who rarely takes short cuts at tasks. I guess I am built for endurance. I can just imagine what happens in households that don’t eat because they had no time to prep food.

Overhauling my groceries to prep foods just seems like a task best suited for those who have a lot of time on their hands, but I am up to trying this tip out.

Just in: The containers I bought took up more room than my whole foods. What a disaster and waste of money. If the fridge doesn’t come with those containers, you’ll have trouble getting any new ware to fit perfectly. And yes, I measured, but you have to also, consider that all food doesn’t come in those perfect dimensions. You wind up stacking several trays for a bag of veggies of potatoes. Also, if one food gets a recall, now you have contaminated all of your food.

The Vlogger had to actually use prep trays from an old fridge.

I also, don’t believe it is a good idea to buy so many perishable foods.

With all said here, I am going to stick with my routines. My time is best utilized shopping for fresh foods daily and actually preparing planned meals for the week.

Finally, the Vlogger mentions that prepping makes it easier to find foods in the fridge. Actually,  it takes more time. 

I find that I am able to find my foods just as easily in original packaging and if anything, I gain 3 hours enjoying the process of shopping and preparing food rather than cleaning and organizing dozens of prep dishes. If you want to spend your time taking food out of packages to place in plastic packages then go right ahead.

Your choice, but the neat freak life syndrome seems like inner personal hell for women.

For goodness sake…Live, Shop, Eat!

Be advised: My views reflect my mood at the time I published the Vlog, but are subject to change. What draws me to each video is that I actually like the Vlogger’s  video, and especially  if on my own personal site, but may or may not take heave to one’s advice based on personal experiences. In no way am I suggesting you do or do not follow  advice or tips from Vloggers. By all means, use your own judgement when indulging in any ideas expressed here for your own personal satisfaction or enjoyment of life.