Beauty Rooms-My Vanity/ Beauty Room Tour


I have been in the mood to update my home decor and so, these beauty room videos are motivating me daily to make drastic moves.

Youtube Beauty Vlogger, Byili, shares her Beauty Room+ Office Makeover, which I absolutely adore. Her  collected small room arrangement features a mix of modern and semi- classic furniture, and I’m not mad at all.

The Vlogger gets kudos for showing off the entire room, and rather then little sections which I dislike about most Beauty Room videos. You can see that the rug is vacuumed and borders are clean.

You really get to visualize how to add affordable accents which make the room look high end and cozy. The multi- opening mat board design classically displays a simple flower collage. Not sure if it is an original work by the artist, but this pretty painting surely caught my eyes at first glance.

Love, love, love the sleek crystal white roomy Vanity Desk complete with extra  drawers. The ample storage hides beauty product clutter. A beauty room doesn’t have to display every item.

The white broad back leather chair looks fit for a queen.

The mirrored drawers on the opposite side of the room is so pretty.  You can work your make-up on one side of the room and apply your perfume elsewhere. 

I am not a fan of the  vanity mirror trimmed with those large Broadway lights, but Byili’s mirror looks classy and clean.

Her standing chandelier lamps on the adjacent side of the room are so gorgeous, and nicely compliment  the high back chair; topped with a fluffy throw cover and mid-sized peachy bright-colored pillow. How fab. 

Extra decorations like bold-colored vases and floral arrangements give this beauty room an A+ for over all design.  I am still undecided if I am going to combine my office and beauty room to make room for other innovative uses of 3 extra spare rooms.

Reviewed by Heather Haliah , Senior Editor of Disilgold SOUL Magazine Hot 24 List