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PHOTO GALLERY: Poem by Heather-Haliah -SILENCE IS MY STRENGTH: My Prayer for Winners

(Heather-Haliah Covington signs copies of Literary Divas at Barnes and Noble.)

Silence is My Strength

Poem by Heather Haliah Covington



Can you win without telling people you have won?

Can you reach the top without telling people you’ve begun?

Can you succeed without telling people you’re a winner?

Can you love people who are bonafide sinners ?


Know that people support you just to see you fail.

When you reach rock bottom, they don’t visit you in hell,

And why you must be  great without telling the world

When you are great, Greatness  will follow you without fail.


But failure is not an option and why you must stand,

Even without confidence you must hold your own hand,

Stand up  in your shoes and reclaim your throne

and understand to win, you must begin again like success is your home.


Until then…

Silence is my strength  until  God’s work is done.

This… is my prayer for WINNERS!