‘To represent the best, I believe you have to be the best at what you do.” – Heather Haliah Covington


( Just so you know,I had to play around with words that rhyme, so don’t take every lyric literally. I am not my lyrics. I just write them. It’s all about the art, not my lifestyle and why I would never label myself a rapper, but a performance poet as I have been saying for years.  )

What You Want? Solo Mix and Guitar Outro

What you Want? Instrumental

All music, instrumentals and lyrics written, arranged, produced by Heather Haliah Covington
© Heather Haliah Covington. Disilgold. All rights reserved.

Genre- Hip Hop Poetry

What you want?
What you got?
What you want?
What you got?
What you want?
What you got?
Heather Haliah… means you got a lot!

Got a 50 acre mansion on the hill,
A front lawn… full of 50 dollar bills,
Got diamonds, silver and gold jewels,
You got a Fendi Chandelier … I GOT 2!

Got a Gucci bag…. full of ruby treasures,
My name so famous… Billboard gold letters
Everybody talkin’, cuz I’m that Diva
You a trendsetter, I ,I a go getter!

Got 50 million dollars in a bank account,
You got a million rocks in a lake down south,
I got that real, real hair that grows to the ground,
I’m pretty, I’m brown, I’m round, Shh! Don’t say a sound!

Your envy, I pity, I’m sorry, I’m pretty
So fly, I’m higher, dem blogs, they love me
Them rappers adore me…

They.. all.. say… I’m… so… fly
But 100 mil… mil…mil… my destiny…

I model, I teach, I preach, I reach,
I rise, I grow, success… my niche
Accomplished… I know..
I walk it and talk it,
You stop it and drop it,
I roll up WITH MY PICK UP TRUCK… and take it…

No walls, no sky, 1 mission, Don’t cry
I’m lyrically gifted, America..MY PIE
Never thought I was better or ever let a dream die,
Saw a star on the ground … so I sent it to sky –BYE!

My enemies riflin’,
Trynna’ to get at me…
I’m dicing and crushin’   ‘em
Watch  shhh me.

My flows so sick,
I’m no.1, SEE?
Putin’  ‘em in a trance,
beggin’ for me…

I’m, flow’ in, and showin’ and goin’ in
Splitting, flipping, ripping and owning it
Stacking and mackin’ and packin’ to win it
And when I’m done ….start over…. BEGIN AGAIN!

I’m looking from coast to coast
For a king…

and when I find ya’…you better have my ring

YES, I plan to adore ya’
Hope you can sing.
I like Hip Hop,
But I love RNB!

I’m talented, confident,
Some say magnificent!
I’m destined, I’m risin’
Year of the Independent Woman.

My curves, my hips,
They dip, I’m that ish,
My heat, my rhymes
My year…DJ let it rip.

(Repeat 4 times)

What you want?
What you got?
What you want?
What you got?
What you want?
What you got?
Heather Haliah… means You got a lot!

(Repeat 4 times)

QUOTE- Live in Your Heart, Not Outside Your Soul


Photo: Heather Haliah teaches youth how to dance to African drumbeats.

Building self esteem in youth through the arts, painting, dance, music and poetical performance instills self-respect and values, and which I believe are key fundamentals for fostering reading skills in youth.

This kind of work goes on every day with educators around the world who are never celebrated for their hard work, dedication and commitment to  inspiring youth. It’s the joy of teaching and motivating young minds that motivates teachers.

You don’t have to be certified,  go to college, acquire a degree or pass a test to become a teacher. Anyone with the passion and desire to help youth can teach a young mind.

It’s a thankless chore, but the most intrinsically rewarding act of kindness and reward to one’s own soul.

Today’s teacher is a facilitator who sees the bigger picture…. JOY!

I am always there to  support youth on how to read through the arts as a professional educator.

However, I am a believer in my quote,

“I lead, children follow, then they know how to become the future leaders of tomorrow.”

I respect my abilities and gifts enough to know at some point children need teachers to  motivate them to learn what they do not know.

In other words, every child who grows up to become a leader had a teacher at some point in their life who motivated them because they cared.

Any child grown up who says  they were self taught may be in self-denial. One may learn a skill on their own, but someone inspired them to learn that skill.


HEATHER HALIAH COVINGTON Addresses C-SPAN BOOK TV Audience on Writing With Passion



I have never been one to focus on my pain, struggles and fears  during my journey as a writer. This negative journey to self truth may propel one to mega success, but it zaps the hell out of others trying to get to where you are. I don’t like transferring negative energy and dwelling on the past. As an educator, I like teaching aspiring writers what they need to know to succeed and stay successful.

To me this is more productive than wasting people’s lives with self loathing thoughts about pain and struggle. I was amazed by how many people took notes while I was  speaking and had their pens ready for me sign their event correspondence ,and other hand free to shake my hand.

As a writer,  I always say have a purpose to uplift others, not just a passion to write and be successful. Success comes with giving that spark of motivation to others  and expecting nothing back in return. Inevitably all blessings are returned when you have faith in people and your fans.

Archived statement by Heather Haliah provided courtesy of Media





Literary Diva (Heather Haliah)  greets book fans and fellow authors at her Barnes and Noble Book signing. The CRM noted that Heather Haliah’s book signing brought out more book fans than many celebrities who have debuted their books. thanks to the author’s marketing power as noted in the first ever self-publishing novel, The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher.


Written by Media

Heather Haliah 1st Walk the Runway for Literacy Show Extravaganza feat. Yvette Thompson Fashion Agency Models

Held at the illustrious Surf Club, Heather Haliah  joined forces with Yvette Thompson to infuse the Hip Hop, Fashion and Literacy Community all under one house for the first ever Disilgold Magazine Walk the Run Way for Literacy Show Extravaganza.

Bestselling author Omar Tyree co-hosted and  judged the event with Heather Haliah Covington and invited guest judges. The winner, Tiffany Pollard, won a magazine spread for Flyy Girl Magazine. a full color glossy publication.

Heather Haliah’s hosting abilities were noticed by several producers which immediately requested she host her own literary tv show.

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