POEM BY LITERARY DIVA- Your only as great as the greatness around you! It’s time for a new chapter!| HeatherHaliah.com

Your Only as Great as the Greatness Around You!


If the people around you only ask for a handout,

but never ask you how your doing…

If the people around you always ask for a dollar,

but never send you a greeting card…

If the people around you always complain,

but never acknowledge your dreams…

If the people around you always talk about themselves,

but never ever listen to you…

If the people around you never motivate you,

but always request your support….

It may be time for a new chapter.

Your only as great as the greatness around you….


When people fail themselves,

they will eventually fail you.

it’s time to close that chapter,

Breathe, grow, dream, 


The gift of your dreams….


Pressroom Archives- Heather Haliah Covingto becomes the 1st African American Host of Nationallly Aired Literary TV Show


Held at the illustrious Surf Club, Publisher, Author, Educator and Renown Poet, Heather Haliah Covington, Author  and trademark owner of Literary Divas TM, also known as Literary Diva,  joined forces with  Yvette Thompson Modeling Agency to infuse the Hip Hop, Fashion and Literary Community all under one house for the first ever Disilgold Magazine Walk the Run Way for Literacy  & Fashion Show Extravaganza.

Bestselling author Omar Tyree co-hosted and  judged the event with Heather Haliah Covington and invited celebrity guest judges. The winner, Tiffany Pollard, won a magazine spread for Flyy Girl Magazine. a full color glossy publication.

Heather Haliah’s hosting abilities were noticed by several producers who attended the event. Within a year, Heather Haliah Covington became the 1st African American Woman in history to host an African American tv Show dedicated to showcasing Black literary artists. The tv show attracted over 17 million viewers, and aired 2x per week prime time on the former Black Family Channel.

Written by LiteraryBlast.com