HEATHER HALIAH COVINGTON Addresses C-SPAN BOOK TV Audience on Writing With Passion



I have never been one to focus on my pain, struggles and fears  during my journey as a writer. This negative journey to self truth may propel one to mega success, but it zaps the hell out of others trying to get to where you are. I don’t like transferring negative energy and dwelling on the past. As an educator, I like teaching aspiring writers what they need to know to succeed and stay successful.

To me this is more productive than wasting people’s lives with self loathing thoughts about pain and struggle. I was amazed by how many people took notes while I was  speaking and had their pens ready for me sign their event correspondence ,and other hand free to shake my hand.

As a writer,  I always say have a purpose to uplift others, not just a passion to write and be successful. Success comes with giving that spark of motivation to others  and expecting nothing back in return. Inevitably all blessings are returned when you have faith in people and your fans.

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Literary Diva (Heather Haliah)  greets book fans and fellow authors at her Barnes and Noble Book signing. The CRM noted that Heather Haliah’s book signing brought out more book fans than many celebrities who have debuted their books. thanks to the author’s marketing power as noted in the first ever self-publishing novel, The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher.


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Heather Haliah 1st Walk the Runway for Literacy Show Extravaganza feat. Yvette Thompson Fashion Agency Models

Held at the illustrious Surf Club, Heather Haliah  joined forces with Yvette Thompson to infuse the Hip Hop, Fashion and Literacy Community all under one house for the first ever Disilgold Magazine Walk the Run Way for Literacy Show Extravaganza.

Bestselling author Omar Tyree co-hosted and  judged the event with Heather Haliah Covington and invited guest judges. The winner, Tiffany Pollard, won a magazine spread for Flyy Girl Magazine. a full color glossy publication.

Heather Haliah’s hosting abilities were noticed by several producers which immediately requested she host her own literary tv show.

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